Hohm School 4 Battery Charger


Hohm School 4 Battery Charger by Hohm Tech is a four-battery smart charger.

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Hohm School 4 Battery Charger by Hohm Tech is a four-battery smart charger. This microprocessor-controlled charger can distribute up to 4A of current between the 4 slots, with the outer slots capable of 2A fast charging. An LED indicator will show when the battery is charging, charged, or has an error. Can be used with any USB 5V/1A or greater power source. Safe for li-ion cells equipped with a PCB/PCM (protective circuit board/module).

Warning: Use only the included USB cable when operating this charger.

– 4 Bay Charger
– Input: DC 5V/1A, DC 5V/4A Required for full charging capabilities
– Output: Up to 4A distribution: 2*2A, 4*1A
– Slot 1 & 4: Automated 2A/1A
– Slot 2 & 3: Automated 1A/0.5A
– Operating Temperature: 0C – 40C (32F – 104F)
– LED Battery Indicator
– Size: 108*96*29mm (4.3*3.8*1.2in)
– Weight: 100g ± 2g
– Can charge li-ion batteries up to 71mm in length

LED Display

– Charging Done – Constant Green
– Charging in Progress – Constant Red
– Wrong Battery – Red Flashing
– Reverse Connected – Red Flashing

Package Contents

– Hohm School 4 Bay Battery Charger
– USB-C Power Cord
– User Manual

Helpful hints for your new charger!

– Place your charger in a flat well-ventilated area.

– Match the positive and negative ends of your batteries to the corresponding contacts on your charger.

– When placing the battery on the charger, use your finger to slide the battery contact back, not your battery.

– Charge your batteries on the lowest amperage setting possible.

– Do not leave batteries on the charger unattended.

– Remove your batteries when they are fully charged and store them in a protective silicone cover.

– When removing your batteries from the charger do not allow your adjustable contact to snap back.

– Only use the charging cable supplied with your charger.

– Stay hydrated!!!!

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