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I accidentally quit smoking. I had no intention of quitting smoking but after three days of vaping- I was completely satisfied, and haven’t smoked since. That was in December 2012. At that point I started thinking about opening up Vape Store. I didn’t think it was going to happen but then I had a dream about standing behind my counter. When I walked into the building I was thinking of renting, I could see clearly this was the location from my dream! From that moment on I have believed and known that I was right where God wanted me to be.

I have been blessed with the most amazing people to share my journey. Every step of the way I have learned and grown from all those I’ve met.



I transitioned off of traditional tobacco products after smoking for over 20+ years (at the end 1.5 packs a day) prior to getting involved in the vaping industry. Since day one, it has been my vision to share my experience and assist those that want an alternative. To achieve that I partnered with Molly and Vapintheweb to continue meeting and exceeding customers’ expectations by providing them exemplary service, outstanding products, and sharing knowledge and experience.

I am also a major advocate for the rights of everyone’s freedom of continued access and choice in purchasing and utilizing innovative harm reduction products. Both Molly and I have travelled across the country, speaking with Federal and State representatives (Congress members and Senators), City Council Members, Mayors, and County Supervisors suggesting reasonable regulations. To this day we continue our advocacy efforts, with you the consumer on the forefront of our minds. We appreciate you’re your business and more importantly thank you for your contributions and voices you bring to help us continue our advocacy efforts! We will not stop fighting!


We have the most amazing employees!! They are joyful, humble, reliable and trustworthy. They’re some of the most capable, intelligent and creative young adults I have ever met. They amaze us on a daily basis! If you have ever entered our store- you have felt their compassion. We are a family.

Lantz – General Manager

I began working at Vapintheweb almost four years ago. I came into this job already knowing how a vape shop is run. My prior vape shop experience gave me somewhat of an idea of what to expect, but I was amazed to join Vapintheweb to find that it ran like such a well-oiled machine. We receive mass amounts of new shipments every week and unique products every month and have a full system to organize it. The owner is always checking in to see if there is anything we need. She is always genuinely willing to listen to any of our ideas. I began my journey with this company as a sales associate and eventually worked my way up to my current position as General Manager. Working at Vapintheweb has given me the opportunity to grow in my work and personal life. I am very proud to call myself an employee of Vapintheweb.

Charlie – Store Manager

I like working at Vapintheweb because it pays my bills and is a very low stress gig, letting me put more of my energy toward my creative endeavors. Since I started here I’ve gained a lot of insights into the nature of the business world, met a lot of cool people, and even managed to move out of my parents house.

Johnny – Web Manager and Senior Graphics Designer

Working for Vapintheweb has been the greatest work experience in my life. Our mission is to provide top notch service, always providing you with correct and up to date information, while delivering the best products available. We have hands down the best house juice in Southern California as well as the best employees. Everyone I work with is my family and really knows their stuff, which, in the vape industry, is a must. From vape safety to vapors rights movements, we do it all! I cannot think of another company in any industry that I have worked in that comes close to the know how, passion, and drive as the Vapintheweb Family. We are here for you and are dedicated to providing you with a safer alternative to combustible and leaf tobacco products.

Sam – Lead Sales Associate

When I started working at Vapin’ I wasn’t expecting to find the loving and supportive family that I did. The idea of getting experience both behind the counter and with customers seemed like a valuable opportunity. What I quickly found was a community of people from all walks of life trying to improve themselves. In my time here I have had the pleasure to help countless people make those improvements and transition fully away from combustible nicotine. I am truly thankful to have been given this opportunity to work with such amazing people every day and hope that you’ll drop in and say hello to the 619 Fam Jam!

Our Start

When I opened my company I refused to cater to any particular genre. I was determined to make everyone who entered my store to feel welcomed and comfortable. Lives have been changed permanently and dramatically since 2013. We are family- the 619 crew and our community are a United Front in combating the devastation that big tobacco has created in our world.

I believe without a shadow of a doubt- that by keeping God at the center of my business- always- has been the sole reason for all the success and all the positive changes it has brought to our community and everyone who has encountered the 619 family.

our mission

We at Vapintheweb will continue to provide exemplary service, quality products, education and a place to feel at home.


To this day-we at Vapintheweb have and continue to advocate for Vaper’s rights. Our first fight was at a Federal level to keep us out of the category of tobacco. After several trips to DC with my partner James, we ultimately lost. The Federal Government as well as the State of California deemed us tobacco by statutory definition in 2016. Our efforts 2 years ago in Sacramento ultimately aided in stopping the flavor ban here in California. Since then our fights for vaper’s rights have become more localized here in our Counties and Cities where they continue to try and implement bans and disregard their community members rights! Unfortunately we have lost many of the battles but we have not given up.

In our efforts of advocacy we met Arkan Somo, the President of the Neighborhood Market Association. He saw our passion along with our struggle and lack of unity and organization in our industry and offered his help and expertise. He helped us create Communities for Safer Vaping, of whom I am the Chair and James is Co-Chair. He has also welcomed me to be the first woman on the Board of the NMA where I continue to learn and grow from all the members. I am excited and look forward to all the opportunities to be able to continue to serve our community in anyway I am asked.

Communities for Safer Vaping

Communities for Safer Vaping (CSV) is a chapter of the Neighborhood Market Association, a non-profit organization,
representing family-owned businesses.

Our Mission

is to research, educate, and advocate for our members to protect the communities that we serve.

Our Vision

is to save lives through the acceleration of the transition of the world from traditional tobacco to harm reduction alternatives.

To know more about our commitment to our community, please Download CSV Sheet now.

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