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"WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical."
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EGO Charger


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A twist-on charger for any EGO threaded battery. Includes a variable LED: Red indicates that there is an active current charging your battery, Green indicates that the charging is complete or that there is no battery connected to the charger.

Warning: Do not charge with a current output above 500mA.

Warning: Do not leave any device charging unattended or overnight.

Helpful hints for your new charger!

- Place your charger in a flat well-ventilated area.

- Match the positive and negative ends of your batteries to the corresponding contacts on your charger.

- When placing the battery on the charger, use your finger to slide the battery contact back, not your battery.

- Charge your batteries on the lowest amperage setting possible.

- Do not leave batteries on the charger unattended.

- Remove your batteries when they are fully charged and store them in a protective silicone cover.

- When removing your batteries from the charger do not allow your adjustable contact to snap back.

- Only use the charging cable supplied with your charger.

- Stay hydrated!!!!

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