Smok LP2 Coils


LP2 Meshed 0.23ohm DL Coil, 20-45W
LP2 DC 0.6ohm Coil, 15-25W

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The Smok RPM 4 Replacement LP2 Coils is specially designed for leak-proof vaping. Each coil in this series uses 3 silicone rings to provide tightness. With the LP2 Meshed coil, every puff is the leading one. When the meshed coil gets in touch with the saturated cotton, delightful taste with smooth flavor and rich vapor arises spontaneously. When inserting the coil into the Smok RPM 4 Pod,the added silicone ring on the bottom of the coil would fill the gap, effectively stemming the liquid leaking from the pod that results in a messy vaping experience or dirty hands.


LP2 Meshed 0.23ohm DL Coil, 20-45W
LP2 DC 0.6ohm Coil, 15-25W

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MESHED 0.23, DC 0.6

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